Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cooking With The Locals In Bardem Village | 101 Wild Wild Chef | Unique Stories From India

Unlocking the culinary secrets of Goa's Velips community.

Meet Karan: chef, traveller, adventurer and foodie. He's been around the world and learnt many international cuisines, but now it's time to come home to roost. Beginning his gastronomical journey in the villages of Goa, Karan travels to Bardem, a small village in the Cotigao reserve. Here, he will learn traditional recipes from the Velips: the local community of the region. The Velips are one of the original inhabitants of the Konkan coast, with many of them still following the traditions and cultures of their ancestors. Tag along as Karan learns the secrets they've handed down for generations.

101 Wild Wild Chef sends expert chef Karan Thakker off into the wilderness, to learn the secrets of India's taste buds. He's the man with the pan, on a journey to some of India's most beautiful spots, where he'll learn from the true masters: the locals he meets.

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