Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Pt 2: The Hindu Gaurakshaks | A Journey With The Gaurakshaks Of Ramgarh | Unique Stories From India

Having met the area's Muslim cow protectors, Doctor VC goes on to meet their Hindu counterparts.

Located on the border of Jharkhand and Haryana, Ramgarh is home to several groups of gausevaks or gaurakshaks, the often vigilante protectors of the cow. Doctor VC visits a local Gaushala to see first hand how the cows are treated, and what the Hindu cow saviours have to say about their Muslim counterparts.

Beneath the surface lies the seedy underbelly, the black market that supplies our insatiable appetite for sin. 101 Underground tells stories of sex, sleaze, drugs, and violence. From militants to child traffickers in Varanasi, we interview the men and women making a killing outside the mainstream.

Disclaimer: This video is a part of Doctor VC's personal experience and not a reportage of events.

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